Deruta Wine Corks

Scritto il 13 gennaio 2012 da Rebecca

In a perfect world, we’d be able to schlep back an amazing bottle of wine for each and every friend, neighbor, and dog sitter we left back at home while we spent a week or two traipsing around Umbria. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world but in a world where luggage is weighed to the ounce, wine imports are taxed to the high heavens, and even cupcakes are viewed as a terrorist threat if taken on board.

A great solution for little pensierini (a wonderful Italian word meaning something like “stocking stuffer”, yet applicable all year round) which is inexpensive, easy to pack, light, and uniquely Umbrian are hand-painted majolica wine stoppers (they’d work fine for a bottle of olive oil, too) from Deruta.Every time I head back to the States, I throw about a dozen of these into my suitcase wrapped in socks and underwear. Under €10 a piece, they make you out to be the most thoughtful traveller around without breaking in your bags or breaking the bank.


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